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Some people have
never eaten our food. But nobody has only eaten it once.

Walk-in Restaurant

Korean Table does not accept reservations in order to provide equal dining opportunities to all guests who visit our restaurant. Please visit Korean Table in Stoneybatter whenever you want to eat our food. 

However, in special cases such as more than 10 guests, please contact us.

Thank you!

We always serve you the most Korean taste with the freshest ingredients and the healthiest recipes.

Our Fans' Favorite

소갈비찜 - Beef ribs

Slow cooked meaty beef top rib with potato, white radish, carrot and Traditional Korean broth.

Story of Korean Table

From street food market to restaurant in Stoneybatter

Our restaurant didn't come out overnight. The Korean Table, which started at a food market in Dublin with the mission of making Irish people feel true Korean food, is now offering you the best Korean food at an inexpensive price at a Stoneybatter, which is a little closer to you.

Our Story
“This is by far the best Korean restaurant in Dublin! We came today and ordered the beef in the stone pot and the beef bibimbap... This place is a really good addition to Stoneybatter"

Michael Gavin, Google Review

Korean Table Moments

Experience the Korean Table in advance in the photo below.

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